Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vintage Hirestyle

Old is gold. Always this proverb is not true. But there are certain things that may be food, clothes, styles have been surviving from age to age. Showing the best and most typical characteristics of a particular type of things especially of the past is called vintage. It may be called as classical also. When we think of old hairstyle it becomes vintage hairstyle.
Vintage styles become classical when it overcomes the tenacious bite of the past. Though the styles are 60 , 70 or hundreds of years old , still these are beautiful and eye catching - transcended the  old age, influenced the current fashions and fads.
Classical hair styles came to us from ancient Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Spartan women. French and British women used these designs of hair styles as an inspiration and to support the classical styles before French Revolution.
In that period a distinctly opulent and aristocratic society was emerged and influenced both innovation and ideas. This idea of perfection was found in the art, architecture and hair styles of the day.
The vintage hairstyle is  included with hair color, hair lighting, hair, curls etc.
Hair color
Hair color plays a significant role in brevity of classical hair style. Blond hair signified purity, innocence and divinity. In ancient Greece men and women tried to please their deity by making hair colorful and beautiful.
Hair lightening
Hair lightening is another major factor in classical hair styling. Before more permanent method developed, various components were used in ancient times. Sprinkled gold dust, solution of potassium, yellow flower petals and pollen was used to wash their hair. At that time having one’s hair  bleached needs to sit for long period  with  the naturally made  bleaching ointment.
Hair curls
Hair curls are significantly included in the history of classical hair styles. In ancient period no man or woman had a perfect crown of glory unless their hair was styled into a perfectly balanced halo of tight curls. Athenian women wore their hair chignon at the back of the neck secured with the finest gold or ivory handcrafted hairpins. Snood, ribbons and scarves were used to decorate the chignon or wrap it completely.
If you are looking for a hairstyle for a special occasion like wedding you can go with a vintage prom. It has both up-do options and options for a longer hair look. Thousands of women have already found cent percent satisfaction from vintage hair style.

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