Thursday, May 17, 2012

News Rewritten

Fiji Military Govt. withdrawing Marshal Law

The military government of Fiji is going to withdraw marshal law and open the door of democracy. In a new year’s message Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama declared that the state of emergency will be lifted and from next Saturday and consultation will be started on a new constitution.
In 2009, when the military government was declared illegal by the Court of Appeal of the nation, the constitution was overturned by Commodore Bainimarama who sized power in a coup in 2006. The powers of police and military were increased, severe censorship was imposed on the South Pacific nation’s media and the public meeting was controlled by the public Emergency Regulations.

Bainimarama, in his message, gave stress on maintenance of public order and declared to start next month consultation throughout the nation for a new constitution and to elect a government through democratic process.
Bainimarama did not mention clearly what will substitute in the place of marshal law and about the state media council created by his administration and imposition of censorship on all publication.

Fiji military ruler explained about the constitution which will give guarantee of equal suffrage and establish actual democratic government by ‘one man one vote one value’.
He added that voter age will be extended to 18 years, and Fijians will not be classified basing on ethnicity.
Bainimarama didn’t maintain his earlier promise, but from last two years he has been saying continuously about holding of election in 2014.
When Bainimarama captured powers with a bloodless mutiny, blamed the political classes for corruption and discrimination of voting system between indigenous Fijian
and ethnic Indians. Out of nation’s total 900000 population, ethnic Indians are around 35 percent. 
He criticized greedy and selfish people who mismanaged and curbed the advancement of Fiji. In his message he said that few people could not be allowed to decide the best way for the nation and the country.
  Since the power was seized Bainimarama, Fiji’s relation with other country had been very bad and he was pressurized heavily to restore democracy.
Sanction and economic punishment have been imposed by Australia, New Zealand, European Union and the United States

on the Fiji government. British Commonwealth also suspended its membership.

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