Thursday, May 17, 2012

News Rewritten

Myanmar announces by-electon date

Myanmar Parliamentary by-election is scheduled on 1 april, 2011. Democracy icon Aung Aung San Suu Kyi  is participating in this by-election. Suu kui registered her party one week ago..
National League for Democracy was given permission by the present government to take place with in the politics of mainstream a month ago.Suu kyi said he will compete all seats of by-elction.Only 48 seats are vacated as the member were became minister and deputy minister.
Wining in  bi-election will not help to dominate  in the parliament. Now the parliament is totally dominated by Military Jonta and their allies.Union Solidarity Patry
Out of  440-seats in the lower house, the military is guaranteed 110 seats, and 56 seats in the 224-seats of  upper house. And out of remaining 498, 80% seats are occupied by pro-military party  . Suu Kyi was under house arrest when in1990 her party NLD won in immense majoty. But the military government did not accept that result.
Though there is no scope to get majority now the popularity of NLD will be assessed  by this by-elections and the movement for  democracy of Suu kyi will be driven up to a some extent..Suu Kyi has carefully  axpressed her reaction that the road ahead is full of difficulties and the road to democracy is endless.

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