Thursday, May 17, 2012

News Rewritten

Los Angeles Fire : Police searching the arsonist

Los Angeles police is looking for a white man who was involved in headstrong disbelieving arsons on cars in the city. The picture of the man was seen in security video footage, of which DVDs, were delivered by police department on Sunday. The man was age of 20 to 30 years and his height was within 5.6” to 6.1”. He was dressed with a bulky in jacket; hair was receding down his back up to shoulder with a ponytail.  Officer Sara Faden said, on the video that man was seen to come out from an underground car parking place on Hollywood Boulevard, where a car was burning.
Detectives requested people to co-operate for tracing out the identity of the man.
On early Sunday investigators were engaged with the footage taken in security video and to follow about other causes of setting fire to more than a half dozen of cars on the New Year’s Eve.
 Since Thursday the signs of burning ruins were scattered in Hollywood, North Hollywood, and the Fairfax district of Los Angeles. According to authority 43 suspicious fires are being investigated. In most of cases arsonist put fire in parked cars placed in apartments and car shelters.

Police Cmdr. Andrew Smith said that hundreds of clues have been worked out by detectives. They have interviewed dozen of witnesses, picked up enormous pieces of evidences.
Authorities did not say how the car fires spread out and what was gathered from the crime scenes. They cannot tell surely whether the fire attack was done by one man or more than one or copycats.
No one has been injured at the Hollywood, and the Hollywood entertainment complex, a most popular place for tourists and holiday celebrates.
Firefighters were not informed of the big size of fires, besides a smaller car fires   a parking area and that was out before their arrival.
Firefighter’s spokesman Eric Scott said, extra duties were enforced in the New Years Eve. Usually firefighters asked to put out fires on cars. But it was abnormal in its size, locality and frequentness. They were engaged with other emergency works without solving fire arson.
LAPD requested residents not to leave doorways and cars shelters without light and cars unlocked and get them reported if any doubtful occurrence occurred.

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