Thursday, May 17, 2012

News Rewritten

Police Removed the Occupier from  New West Oakland

In Oakland Police Cleared a vacant lot which was occupied by occupy Oakland agitator. They cleared 12 tents and on the charge of unauthorized entering to the others land arrested one while eleven were released. The arrested person did not prove his identification.

On Tuesday the camp was suddenly settled in a vacant lot, near the Mandel la Parkway across from 2011 Peralta St. After a complaint  placed by a land owner police started to remove occupier Wednesday evening. A tense situation created there by shouting and chanting of the protester. After  clearing the lot police allowed the campers  to come back to take their belongings.

According to police spokesman Jhonna Watson, the area will be monitored regularly to protect any attempt of camping again.  But the many medias reported later Wednesday protesters were trying to regain the lot again.
Brian Collins,  senior vice president of Cassidy Turley Commercial Real Estate Services in Oakland who is the owner of a part of the lot , said Wednesday, that the campers put  tremendous of amount of problems and risks for them on the land.

The police said they acted on a complaint of a owner of the land which was occupied by unauthorized  persons. He asked police to clear the lot. But the occupier argued that they were camping in a place where there are no any legal owner or tax payer. They find in their investigation. Campers named the site Cypress Triangle after its shape and the neighborhood of its location.
 Earlier in the day the campers surrounded the lot by a graffiti-covered chain-link fence with a gate. Donated food, shoes and clothes were lad out on a side of pavement in front of the lot For use of bathroom they made a hole and surrounded by a blue tarp.
But Wednesday evening the campers have see that lock was put on the gate and ‘No Trespass’ sign posted by police.

For more than five weeks Oakland was  from the Occupier. At late Nov.22 police removed the last camp from Linden Street where the protesters started camping from 18th. They left  that place after  police said to clear it. After their removal Camp of Snow Park near  Lake Merritt  on Nov.20, was formed. The Oakland’s  largest camp was formed at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza which was raided by police on Nov. 14. Before it there was a camp  in a lot  at 19th street and Telegraph Avenue lasted for only one day. That was removed by police in rapid peaceful action. Occupy Wall Street movement begin  in mid-September in New York City protesting the widespread unemployment and insatiable desire of corporate groups. But within a short time the movement has spread widely and worldwide. Its braches also developed in many big cities of the world and  various serious social issues also added with it.

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