Thursday, July 16, 2015

5 Ways to Manage Business Reputation Online

The success of every business depends on its good reputation. If your business belongs to a website (nowadays no business can be run without a website), it needs plenty of hits from visitors every day. Online reputation status influence visitors   to visit your site, can make or break a company’s chances for further success and bring changes in your profit dramatically. So, online reputation management is extremely important and vital for survival and flourishing of your business.

Online reputation management is involved with building, protecting, repairing of your reputation. Implementing an effective online reputation management campaign requires a solid foundation of research and planning. The work should be done executed by good monitoring and evaluating all the steps. All these works comprise of analyzing key words, selecting strategy, planning   tactics and putting the plan into action.

Here are a few ways of better online reputation management that can boost your online goodwill  in a higher rank.

1) Follow audience’s expectations and connect with them: It is your first and foremost duty  to make sure that people can find  easily what they are looking for. Tell your story, let your personality shine, and give your site visitors easy access to resources and the information they’re seeking. When your audience can see your company personality and feel like you are more than just a cold website among millions, they’ll build confidence in you and help you build a positive online reputation.

2) Design for authoritative site: Make your design clean , well organized and clear navigation. Make your contact information prominently, highlight your awards, and given them a reason to trust you through the sentiments expressed in your headlines and website contents.

3) Continue testing: Creating a website is completing the first version. Now start the work of testing. Test your site by changing elements and creating a site that fully engages your audience .Test different elements, buttons, pictures, navigation, and more. Continually try   to detect which elements encourage your site visitors and   which are impeding them. This effort will help them to  build trust in your site and they’ll come away with a positive view of your site and your brand.

4) Participation in social media :  Millions of people are spending more and more time on social media sites, like LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter, etc. You have to make  presence on all of these sites and keep these pages and profiles current and engaging. You should be proactive in recruiting people to follow you on Twitter, like you, on Facebook and keep track of your other social media profiles. Be sure and post photos, text entries and even video footage if possible on a regular basis. Use contests, surveys and open-ended questions to boost engagement and seek feedback.

5) More actions: To improve your online reputation there are more important activities. These are blogging, new article creation, press releases, and link building. The new content, along with already existing positive commentary on the web, which are search engine optimized and marketed, moves up the rankings of the search engines and push negative content down in the rankings.

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