Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Travelling : Dating in London

London is a cosmopolitan exiting and largest city.  You can get    historic & aristocratic flavor with all modern privileges here. It is very attractive place for dating.
Initially one would think that it is harder to select and meet a dating partner. There are so many websites which made this problem very easy to solve. But there are some warnings also. You will use the website very cautiously. Don’t post too much personal or sensitive information on the website.

After selecting the partner, now the question is where to go .  There are many interesting sites in London which are most fascinating for dating. You can go to restaurants for dinner, gardens or parks or any other geographically or historically important and interesting places.
London is home to some world-class restaurants. At the capital restaurant three-course launch menu is ₤ 29.50 per person and three course dinner starts at ₤ 58 per person. If you cannot afford you can go other cheaper places where spending ₤100 to ₤150 you can have dinner for two and tickets to a concert or play.

English gardens are well-known and famous. To go away from the noisy city and meet together in a close and intimate place go to the Royal Park or to Green Park with your main squeeze. For a place of woodsy kind, go to Richmond Park where you can see many deer. You can go to Westminster Abbey where many queens, kings, prime minister and famous people are buried or have their remains.

You may have a cruise in the Thames River, which runs through the heart of the downtown London. You will view the Big Ben, the House of Parliament and the London Eye among the other site. The London Eye is a must ride for those who want see the whole picture. The Eye is a giant Ferris wheel that lets its rider to see the city from above, about 40 kilometers in every direction.

Single, married or somewhere in between, none dislikes dating. It’s a great relief from hustle and bustle of busy daily life.
London is one of the charming few cities in the world which is proper place for dating. It is rightly said, “ If you are tired of London, you are tired of life.” So you can plan to go a date in London very soon.

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