Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Social Welfare : Support for Single Mother

To be a mother is very pain-stricken. When she becomes a widow or divorced, she becomes very helpless. If she does not get married again, she has to maintain herself and her child also. She needs shelter, requires money for daily expenses. To bring up and educate her child she becomes completely alone and single. If she does not find any way of income how she can survive and overcome such a adverse situation? It is a very fearful and daunting experience Now-a-days these mothers though single but they are not alone. There are various financial aid and other supports are available for them.

. The government aid programs for single mothers start from housing assistance, home improvement program, educational opportunities, health care to financial assistance for emergency situations etc.  There are 1000 different types of grants and 26 Federal Fund making agencies. Names of some government agencies which provide aid are : YWCA
(Young women Christian Association, Chamber of Commerce, WIC (Women, Infants and Children) or TNF (Temporary Assistant for Needy Families). Single mothers can take the opportunity of financial assistant and advice from them.

To avail the financial aid or grant the single mother has to be a citizen of United states, lives in the USA, has a social security number for her in her children and proof  that children living with her.
There are many nonprofit organizations help dedicatedly such mothers and try to make them self-dependent. Name of Sunshine Lady Foundation and our Families, Our future may be mentioned in this regard.   These notable organizations do multiple types of assistance. They offer scholarship, provide fund for education, train to prepare them as work force .
Without proper financial aid a single mother’s survival would be very hard and troublesome.

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