Monday, September 3, 2012

Wheelchair Ramp for Disables

wheelchair ramp is a gently sloping ground which substitutes  a staircase and used to go to the adjacent level. Nowadays days these ramps are made at the entry to  various complexes and buildings. Sometimes this  substitute staircase is used  both inside and outside of the buildings, where handicapped people generally visit.
Federal needs
The  Americans with Disables Act (ADA ) was passed in1990 to ensure the right of handicapped people.. These rights are  getting  jobs, services and accessibility to the home and working places..
To make  a new handicap wheelchair ramp,  make sure it should conforms with the ADA  specifications for a disability  ramp. The highest slope of a ramp  in a new building shall be 1:12. This implies for every 1 inches go up, the run  of the ramp should be one foot wide. If the go up is 2 " wide, then the run should be 24”  wide, and so on. The highest possible go up for any run shall be 30” (760 mm).
Aluminum is the most preferred content for use in wheelchair  ramp  because of its  portability, durability and resistance to rust.  Wooden ramps are less expensive but are not  long-lasting. Steal is long-lasting and heavy but it needs more construction work. All materials can support hefty unloading but only aluminum  have the strength without the excess weight. You would also look for a ramp, which has slip resistant surface in rainy days.

Some Purchasing Suggestions
Here are some suggestions of wheelchair ramp that are able to meet the requirements of a  wheel chair user. The sizes of these ramps are 30 inches wide and lengths will vary from 2 feet to 12 feet and useful for doorways and raised landings . They are : Wheelchair Single-fold Ramp, Rubber Portable Ramps, Threshold Aluminum Ramps, Wheelchair Multi-fold Ramp with Longer Lengths,   Ramp with Carrying Bag,  Aluminum Folding  Ramp.

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